Polish fund Czysta3.vc invests over $130k in marketing trends prediction system

Czysta3.vc has invested more than $130,000 in the IdeaTrend project, which is aimed to support Polish marketing specialists in following and responding to dynamically changing industry trends.

The IdeaTrend project is created by Marketing przy Kawie, media about marketing and advertising. Within the frames of it, the team headed by Jacek Szlak is working on designing a platform that will identify upcoming changes in the field of marketing communications automatically. The technology that underlies IdeaTrend system will analyze industry discussions on the Internet, disputes over strategies and tools, or comments on current events in real-time mode. The results of such studies will be commercialized in the form of reports for interested companies.

“To identify industry trends is a complex area, but it is extremely important in the context of all marketing activities. IdeaTrend is an innovative idea in the martech industry with the potential to improve communication processes of Polish companies. The use of information provided by the solution will allow marketers to undertake the same campaigns in an unusual, thoughtful, and thus effective way,” Szymon Janiak, CEO of Czysta3.vc, said.

Czysta3.vc is a Poland-based investment firm that focuses on investing in early stage technology startups, especially from martech sector. Previously, it has supported Vinci Rithms solution designed for the Polish transport industry companies and Rating Captain’s app that helps businesses to manage customers’ opinion online.