List of 10 best IT-startups in Kazakhstan

Astana Hub, an international technopark for IT-startups, has compiled a nationwide annual ranking of startups that achieved technological progress in 2020. 

To apply for this contest, the startups needed to introduce MVP that is aimed to solve market problems in an innovative way, as well as a strategy for the further development and scaling to the new markets. Besides, startups’ social responsibility and team competencies were also taken into account. 

AIN.TECH publishes a list of the best Kazakhstan-based IT-startups in 2020 according to Astana Hub.

  1. OrionM2M

Founded: In 2016 by Denis Fedorov

OrionM2M is a fully integrated developer and manufacturer of end-to-end IoT solutions based on LoRaWAN technology. It designs all products in-house based on LoRa Alliance specifications, and its software and hardware equipment is fully compliant with any LoRaWAN network.


Founded: In 2018 by Doszhan Zhusupov

CEREBRA is a project of Almaty AI Lab company, which provides IT-solutions based on AI and Machine Learning. CEREBRA is an automated diagnostics system letting to detect stroke through a computed tomography at early stages with a help of AI-devices. According to the startup, its solution is able to recognize a stroke within 4 and a half hours after the onset of symptoms.

  1. Citix

Founded: In 2016 and led by CEO Yana Shoibekova

Citix creates transport navigation systems with an intellectual unit that serves comfortable stay in an urban environment. Its YEWA software manages the entire media smartboard network, which provides people with real-time relevant information including smartboards for drivers and pedestrians.

4. Clockster

Founded: In 2017 by Yerzhan Ryskaliyev

Clockster is HRtech startup that provides a tool for staff management designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows companies to automate such routine HR processes, as payroll, attendance record cards, and to manage employees’ work schedules, taking into account all vacations, sick leaves and time off. 

5. okoo

Founded: In 2019 by Dinmukhamed Junussov

okoo is an AI-based educational platform for schools and teachers that is aimed to improve informatics sessions, as well as to make those sessions more interesting for pupils. There are over 8,000 registered users and more than 150 teachers on the platform.

6. Campeat 

Founded: In 2018 by Nazerke Amanbek

Campeat is a marketing platform for food enterprises to drive more customers specifically during off-peak or slow hours by using discounts app with short, hourly based hot deals in a time frame the client needs.

7. i-Guard

Founded: In 2019

i-Guard offers video analytics solution. The AI-based system provides an analysis of space and detection of “emergency” situations in real-time.

8. SuperMoms Club

Founded: In 2019 by Azat Hayrikenov

SuperMoms Club is a mobile application for pregnant women, which helps to reduce the infant death rate and lead the process of pregnancy in the right way. It offers over 20 smart thematic modules and 150 tips and articles for a healthy pregnancy from medical experts, as well as 24/7 online support from doctors and community. 

9. QuantDART

Founded: In 2020 by Anderson Woo and Edward Wong

QuantDART is a digital asset management company that provides custodial services and digital investment products. Using its mobile app, clients can manage their asset portfolio easily – track the market data, exchange the digital assets and fiats, participate in investment products.

10. Paloma365

Founded: In 2013 by Vladislav Golubev

Paloma365 provides cloud solutions for business processes automation including financial, marketing, HR, warehouse and other services. The system runs on Windows and Android platforms, so it can be installed both on ordinary tablets and laptops, as well as on specialized POS systems.