Polish OLED emitters developer Noctiluca raises more than $140k

As reported by MamStartup, Noctiluca has raised more than $140k by selling over 37,000 Series D shares to the Krakow-based investment firm JR Holding ASI. Recently in December, the startup announced a private placement of shares, acquiring over $1 million.

Noctiluca, which is based in Torun, designs and produces next-generation OLED-emitting materials – the chemicals compounds in the form of “powder” that form the foundational basis of OLED displays. They are used in TV sets, smartphones, VR devices, and light sources. Currently, the first and second generation emitters are used on the market, while Noctiluca is working on their third and fourth generation counterparts.

The startup will spend the fresh capital on the development of new generations OLED emitter technology, Mariusz Bosiak, CEO and CTO of Noctiluca, said. Besides, In early December, the company announced that it plans to debut on NewConnect in 2021.