Franchising retailer Edible Arrangements opens R&D office in Ukraine

Edible Arrangements, a business that creates treats and fruit bouquets from natural ingredients, has announced the opening of an R&D office in Ukraine, to be called Edible Innovations Hub.

According to the company’s press office, Edible Innovations Hub will provide comprehensive solutions for creating, managing, and scaling up franchises.

Edible Innovations Hub

As stated by the founder of Edible Arrangements, Tariq Farid, the Ukrainian market is attractive in terms of local programmers’ technical expertise.

“Searching for new technological solutions for Edible Arrangements, we discovered the Ukrainian IT market for the first time. After working with Ukrainian specialists for a while, I came to believe that Ukraine does offer amazing opportunities and prospects in the development of many niches,” Tariq Farid notes.

Moreover, as stressed by Edible Arrangements, the Ukrainian IT cluster works according to Western standards and thus has a better understanding of American consumers’ requirements for the product.

“Besides, we are interested in the development of solutions for our in-house systems that will add dynamics to our business growth, as well as for customer interaction systems. I am sure Ukrainian IT experience is enough to develop the infrastructure the way that the users expect,” Tariq Farid says.

Currently, Edible Innovations Hub looks to hire UI/UX, JavaScript, and mobile technology specialists.

About Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements is a US-based franchising business that specializes in creating treats and fruit bouquets from natural ingredients.

In 2020, the company was named a winner of the year for “Most Innovative Product Introduction” in Franchise Update Media’s 2020 Innovation Awards.