Legaltech startup RightNow raises €8.5M to continue its growth

RightNow has raised €8.5 million in a Series A financing round. Investors include VR Ventures and the asset management arm of Schwarzwälder Boten, StartingUp reports.

Co-founders of RightNow: Dr Benedikt Quarch, Dr Torben Antretter and Phillip Eischet 

RightNow is a legaltech company that provides «Justice-as-a-Service». It buys consumer claims from everyday life situations and pays a large part of the reimbursement within only 24 hours. The claims are assessed using specially developed algorithms and enforced in court through automated processes.

RightNow was founded in 2017 by Dr Torben Antretter, Phillip Eischet and Dr Benedikt Quarch. The startup has two offices in Düsseldorf and Kyiv and 30 employees. It currently operates for clients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

RightNow is planning to invest the new funding into further growth, expanding existing products and enter new markets.