SKA Polska and VEO receives a $800k grant for designing a thermal vision system

The consortium of SKA Polska, an independent research and development company, operating in the field of high technologies, and VEO, a software company providing solutions for AR glasses, has received the research grant in the amount of nearly $800,000 from the National Center for Research and Development, MamStartup writes.

Both companies will work on the creation of a prototype of AR glasses, called VEO Extreme AR1, designed to detect people with fever. Equipped by a thermal imaging camera, they will allow measuring the temperature of people within a radius of up to 5 meters. The project is totally valued at more than $1 million. 

Thanks to this thermal vision system, policemen and guards will be able to quickly identify people with elevated temperature while walking or standing outside and inside the building. The prototype will also be used to develop XAR glasses containing various cameras and communication modules for military use, and VEO Glass 1 for consumer use.