Polish company Omnioxy completes a share issue and raises over $700k

Gdynia-based company Omnioxy has successfully completed the issue of Series B shares and raised more than $700,000 from investors, MamStartup writes.


Omnioxy produces and provides hyperbaric chambers used for hyperbaric oxygen therapy by professional athletes, families and wellness centers. During the therapy, a man, remaining in a special chamber, breath in air of increased pressure containing oxygen that enters cells. According to the company, it helps people to recover from injury and disease, improve their sports performance and enhance their beauty. 

As Adam Cegielski, CEO of Omnioxy, said, from October to December the company sold a total of 86 chambers. Due to the huge demand, the company plans to launch the first factory of hyperbaric chambers and oxygen concentrators in the country. So the proceeds will be invested into creating the new production line, as well as in the further company’s growth including entering the foreign markets. In the middle of 2022, Omnioxy plans to debut on the NewConnect stock exchange.