Fashion AI startup GetDressed gets an over $250k grant

Krakow-based startup GetDressed has got an over $250,000 grant from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, MamStartup reports.

GetDressed was founded in 2018 by the students of the communications technology high school in Krakow Agnieszka Pałka, who serves as CEO, Daniel Mika, and Marcel Spisak as part of the “My first business” competition. The startup develops an AI-based B2B2C intelligent stylist that being connected with e-commerce stores helps consumers to find and match clothes among the brands’ assortment.

The team is planning to spend the proceeds on examining the needs of consumers and then designing a mobile application, an intelligent image assistant. GetDressed will also expand its AI algorithms to recognize and name the characteristics of clothes and accessories based on photos and create intelligent navigation in clothing stores.