10 promising German startups to follow in 2021

According to the Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2020, Germany took 5th place among the 100 most technologically advanced countries globally. It is still the highest-ranking national ecosystem in the EU following Brexit. 

The EU-Startups team created a list of the 10 most promising German early-stage startups that are worth following in 2021. AIN.TECH publishes the selection.

  1. Vivid Money

Founded: In 2019 by Alexander Emeshev and Artem Yamanov

Valuation: €100M

Vivid Money is a challenger bank that develops a financial platform and mobile banking app. In addition to standard banking services, it provides pockets or sub-accounts creation service with its own IBAN of each, cashback program, and commission-free investments in US companies’ stocks. 

  1. Gorillas

Founded: In 2020 by Kağan Sümer and Jörg Kattner

Valuation: €182M

Gorillas is an on demand grocery delivery provider. Having a “Faster than you” slogan, it declares its ability to bring all customers’ grocery needs, from fresh fruits to home care products, to their door within 10 minutes of ordering. The company operates in Berlin, Cologne, and Amsterdam with more cities to come soon.

  1. finn.auto

Founded: In 2019 by Andreas Wixler, Hans-Peter Ringer, Max-Josef Meier, Maximilian Wühr, and Nikolai Schröder

Valuation: €80M-€120M

finn.auto is a mobility provider that offers monthly car subscription services. The company has more than 75 vehicles in stock with price range starting from €279 for Fiat 550 to €999 for BMW X6. Vehicles can be chosen and rented for a few months with already covered costs for repairs and insurance thought the startup’s platform. 

  1. CoachHub

Founded: In 2018 by Yannis and Matti Niebelschütz

Valuation: €113M-€169M

CoachHub is the digital coaching solution enabling personalised coaching and professional development for employees. Live coaching sessions concerning time and stress management, resilience and leadership skills while remote working, are provided by certified business coaches from all around the world through an application for web and smartphone.

  1. Limehome

Founded: In 2018 by Dr Josef Vollmayr and Lars Stäbe

Valuation: €40M-€60M

Limehome is hospitality startup that combines the quality standard of a hotel, the cosiness and comfort of an apartment. It offers nightly stays for a weekend away as well as discounted monthly rates for longer project stays or business trips. To date, Limehome is already represented at more than 45 locations in Germany and Austria.

  1. Sharpist

Founded: In 2018 by Dominik Lahmann, Fabian Niedballa, and Hendrik Schriefer

Valuation: €18M-€27M

Sharpist is supports organisations in professional leadership development of their employees. Its mobile remote coaching platform enables personalised learning for the entire workforce in company from anywhere and at any time.

  1. Bryter

Founded: In 2018 by Michael Grupp

Valuation: €58M-€87M

Bryter offers a no-code software to over 30 international law and accounting firms, as well as consulting firms, banks, corporates and public administration, to automate decision-making. The company operates offices in Berlin, Frankfurt and London.

  1. Choco

Founded: In 2018 by Daniel Khachab, Julian Hammer, and Rogério Da Silva Yokomizo

Valuation: €110M-€165M

Choco is an ingredient ordering platform connecting restaurants and suppliers, which is aimed to optimize communication among food channels to create a more transparent supply chain. Despite pandemic and its negative impact on the restaurants sector, Choco has already raised about €51 million in funding.

  1. Planetly

Founded: In 2019by Benedikt Franke and Anna Alex

Valuation: €21M-€31M

Planetly is a technology startup on a mission to help build a carbon neutral economy. Its software helps organizations to introduce and automate carbon management, from data collection to reduction strategies and offsetting measures.

  1. Back

Founded: In 2018 by Christian Eggert and James Lafa

Valuation: €12M-€18M

Berlin-based Back is a modern collaboration and automation platform that enables internal service and business operations teams like HR, IT and Finance to manage all workplace requests on one intuitive platform.