Kyiv is among the top 20 cities for remote working

Kyiv is ranked 20th in the ranking of the best places for remote working according to the travel magazine Big 7 Travel, The Village reports.

In compiling the ranking, the authors took into account, among other factors, the following ones:

  • availability of specific Digital Nomad visas
  • availability of the best co-working spaces, friendly professional communities;
  • the cost of accommodation and food;
  • infrastructure.

Kyiv is ahead of Dubai and Krakow in this ranking. The authors of the list say that Kyiv is a good choice for those who can handle a cold winter and don’t mind learning a bit of Ukrainian.

“This vibrant capital city is perfect for every type of remote worker looking to explore a unique culture over a long stay period. Not only is the wifi solid but there are loads of coworking spaces, and Kyiv has great connections to the rest of Europe, making it a practical option for those who want to indulge in budget travel,” the city description says.

The top 20 is as follows:

  1. Tallinn
  2. Tbilisi
  3. Belgrade
  4. Bali
  5. Chiang Mai
  6. Berlin
  7. Singapore
  8. Buenos Aires
  9. Hanoi
  10. Ljubljana
  11. Vancouver
  12. Saint Petersburg
  13. Istanbul
  14. Austin
  15. Shanghai
  16. Thessaloniki
  17. Malta
  18. Vilnius
  19. Playa del Carmen
  20. Kyiv