Warsaw-based startup Vue Storefront receives $1.5M

The Polish developer of software for e-commerce Vue Storefront announced the closing of a $1.5 million early-stage round led by SMOK Ventures and Movens VC. 

Vue Storefront was launched in 2017 as an R&D project of software house Divante. The startup is developing an open-source frontend for any e-commerce. Built with a PWA and headless approach, using a modern JS stack, Vue Storefront enables merchants to freely plan and manage every stage of a customer’s journey, no matter what device he or she uses. The startup’s solution is already used by over 250 e-stores and over 100 partner agencies all around the globe. 

“VC funding will speed up our further business growth. The timing can’t be better, given the changes eCommerce is going through. Enterprises are leaving their legacy eCommerce platforms to explore the more agile approaches focused on satisfying users’ and business needs,” Patrick Friday, CEO at Vue Storefront, told.

Besides, the proceeds will support Vue Storefront in developing its open-source products and its cloud-native enterprise version.