Lyft confirms the hiring of developers in Ukraine. There are no plans to start the service here

In January 2021, the American ridesharing company Lyft (Uber’s main competitor in the U.S.) started looking for technical staff in Kyiv. However, as the company told AIN.UA, it does not mean the launch of the service in Ukraine. Now the company is only looking for developers in Ukraine.

When asked by AIN.UA whether the company plans to launch its service in Ukraine or open an R&D office, Lyft answered as follows:

“Lyft is always working to hire and retain the best engineering talent across the world and Ukraine is known for its top tier talent. At this time, Lyft has no immediate plans to offer rideshare in Ukraine,” the company commented.

Currently, Lyft officially works only in two countries – the USA and Canada. There is no information about entering other markets yet. In 2019, the company held an IPO.

To recap, in 2015, Uber started looking for people in the Kyiv office, and in the summer of 2016, it officially launched in Ukraine.

As reported by NV, Lyft has already registered a legal entity in Ukraine. The company is called ТОВ «Ліфт Юкрейн» (Lyft Ukraine LLC) and is run by Vitalii Zadorozhnyi. The main activity is computer programming. AIN.UA awaits comments from Lyft on whether the company plans to open a development office in Ukraine.