Tomorrow’s Education lands €1.1M for the development of its e-learning platform

Berlin’s edtech startup Tomorrow’s Education has raised €1.1 million in a pre-seed funding round led by a British early-stage fund Emerge Education, EU-Startups reports.

Tomorrow’s Education is developing a mobile-first learning platform for students all around the globe. Unlike the traditional online courses, it offers a challenge-based and active learning format, including solving dynamic problems in real-time and developing the relevant skills. 

“We are using technology to make learning more effective. Our platform is based on learning science, and leverages artificial intelligence and constant data-driven feedback to offer a personalized learning experience,” co-founder of Tomorrow’s Education Christian Rebernik told EU-Startups. “We’re all about unlocking potential and increasing the self-efficacy of every student.”

In partnership with WU Executive Academy, the business school of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the startup has recently launched its first study program – Professional Master’s program in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology. It starts in April 2021, tuition and program fees are €24,000.