AI-powered image editing platform autoRetouch secures €3.2M

Stuttgart’s startup autoRetouch has secured €3.2 million in a seed funding round led by European apparel retailer Breuninger, EU-Startups writes.


autoRetouch is developing the AI-powered image editing platform for fashion and lifestyle brands, retailers and creatives. It enables defining workflows in order to automatically retouch product images in bulk. The user can chain up smart components to create an end-to-end processing sequence including background removal, skin retouch, add shadows, set on canvas and others. 

As autoRetouch claims, its platform allows users to get product images faster, easier and cheaper than ever before while retaining full creative control. According to the startup’s data, its customers save up to 90% time due to replacing manual tasks with AI.

“Through autoRetouch, we’re unlocking a significant amount of value, currently lost due to inefficient image editing technology, by giving the editor more time to focus on the creative work that might be needed and moving the heavy-lifting to the AI,” Alex Ciorapciu, co-founder and CEO, emphasized. 

The raised funds will be invested in R&D activities, as well as in initial customer traction.