German agile team development software Echometer secures €600k

Echometer, a spinoff from the department of psychology of the University of Münster, has secured €600,000 in a seed funding round led by serial entrepreneur and business angel Oliver Flaskämper, the management team of flaschenpost, beverage delivery startup, and other private investors including Simon Hegener and Sebastian Heide.  

Echometer co-founders: Jean Michel Diaz, Robin Roschlau and Christian Heidemeyer

Founded in 2019 by Christian Heidemeyer, Jean Michel Diaz and Robin Roschlau, Echometer is a digital coach for agile companies that is aimed to drive cultural change. It develops a team workshop tool that uses psychological know-how to help organizations of all sizes and from all sectors to improve the work environment and increase employee engagement by carrying out so-called team retrospectives.

To date, Echometer has more than 2,300 users and its customers include such companies as Miele, T-Systems, Toyota, Frontastic and Westlotto.

The startup is planning to invest fresh funding into the marketing, sales and product teams development, as well as in expanding its SaaS platform with new features.