Career development platform Careerist nabs $1.25M. One of its co-founders is a Ukrainian

The edtech startup Careerist, co-founded by Ivan Tsybaev, Max Gusakov, and Ukrainian Max Glubochansky, has raised $1.25 million in seed round at a $21 million market cap.

According to VC.RU, Careerist is an educational platform that allows you to get a job at a tech company without work experience, taking a portion of the student’s future salary in return.

Where the money will go

Careerist has raised $1.25 million in seed financing. The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), Bogdan Iarovoi, an early-stage investor, and his SmartHub syndicate, as well as other Silicon Valley-based business angels, participated in the round.

Careerist plans to spend the money on new software product development and growth.

About Careerist

Careerist (ex JobEasy) was co-founded by Ivan Tsybaev, Max Gusakov, and Max Glubochansky in 2019.

Careerist is a career development platform that allows someone with no experience in technology or programming to get a job at an American IT company.

In return, Careerist takes a percentage of the future salary, which is usually about 15 percent paid for two years, and an initial fee, an amount of which depends on the training program chosen.

Careerist has more than 1,000 graduates, and its active loan portfolio (how much graduates owe after they graduate) was $16 million at the end of 2020. The startup says its revenue grew 500 percent, to $2 million, in 2020.