German cofenster raises $1.5M to develop its video production tool

Hamburg-based startup cofenster has raised €1.5 million in a seed funding round from German early-stage VC Capnamic Ventures, writes.

Co-founders of cofenster: Olli Wegner, Tom Vollmer and Finn Frotscher

cofenster develops an app that enables companies to produce professional videos at scale, fully automated without involving digital agencies. It can be CEO memos, onboarding videos or product demos. Since the platform was launched in August 2020, cofenster has already acquired over 30 customers including Beiersdorf, Microsoft, Stada and Carlsberg.

As the startup declares, the production process is simple and can take 10 minutes. Employees need to plan and script the video on their desktop and share the storyboard with colleagues, who will then record the video using only a smartphone. The recordings are automatically edited together with a corporate logo, text highlights, music and subtitles.

The proceeds will support cofenster in expanding its sales and product team growth.