Ukraine is ahead of Romania, Russia, and India in the global innovation ranking

The World Intellectual Property Organization published its annual Global Innovation Index study, based on which World Bank analysts ranked the most innovative countries across the globe. Visual Capitalist used the data compiled to create infographics.

More than 80 indicators of innovativeness, including R&D activity, access to venture capital, and high-tech production, were taken into account in compiling the ranking.

Ukraine takes a prominent place on the general innovation map. Our country belongs to the lower-middle-income group of countries. Nevertheless, it ranks 45th in the overall innovation ranking, being ahead of Romania, Russia, and India.

Switzerland, Sweden, and the United States are in the top 3 of the ranking.

In its category, Ukraine ranks in the top 3 countries and is the second most innovative one. Among the lower-middle-income countries, Vietnam is No.1, and India comes third after Ukraine.

A total of 131 countries were analyzed in the report.