Lithuanian startup Billo attracts almost $1.2 million of investment

Billo, the startup that helps brands increase conversions through custom advertising, attracted almost $1.2 million in investment during 2020. The funding came from SOSV, Open Circle Capital, and 70Ventures, BNS Spaudos Centras reports.

Billo co-founders: Donatas Smailys and Tadas Deksnys
Photo credits: Billo`s Facebook page

Founded in 2017 by Tadas Deksnys and Donatas Smailysa, Billo is a community marketing platform that allows brands to publish tasks to a community of video content creators. Community members see these tasks in the, complete and upload them for brands to further use for promotion and business development.

The raised money will allow Billo to improve the platform and grow the team. Also, the startup focuses only on the US market and looks for international employees.