10 promising French startups to watch in 2021

Sifted created a selection of the most promising French startups that are worth following in 2021. AIN.TECH publishes the list of top 10.

  1. Meero

Founded: In 2016 by Jeremy Teper and Guillaume Lestrade
Valuation: $1.1 billion

Meero is a global marketplace for photographers, providing them with the opportunities to create beautiful images for brands worldwide. Offering them regular engagements, inspiring content, and monthly meetups, Meero unites them through the largest community of creatives around the world.

  1. Alan

Founded: In 2016 by Charles Gorintin and Jean Charles Samuelian
Valuation: $970 million

Alan is the first digital health insurance company in Europe. The company revolutionizes health insurance by focusing on user experience with excellent price-quality ratio health plans.

  1. Doctolib 

Founded: In 2013 by Stanislas Niox-Chateau, Steve Abou Rjeily, Ivan Schneider, and Jessy Bernal
Valuation: $1.2 billion

Doctolib is an online and mobile platform where customers can book medical appointments with healthcare professionals, who pay a monthly subscription fee to be hosted on the site.

  1. Ynsect 

Founded: In 2011 by Antoine Hubert, Jean-Gabriel Levon, Fabrice Berro, and Alexis Angot
Valuation: $689 million

Ynsect is the world leader in the breeding of insects and their transformation into premium ingredients for animal and plant nutrition. Ynsect offers an organic, long-term sustainable solution to accelerating the consumption of protein and plants. 

  1. Ogury

Founded: In 2014 by Jean Canzoneri and Thomas Pasquet
Valuation: $220-331 million

Ogury is a global leader in mobile brand advertising. French startup Ogury is headquartered in the UK but its services are used by 1500 brands worldwide.

  1. Pennylane

Founded: In 2020 by Arthur Waller, Quentin de Metz, Tancrede Besnard, Edouard Mascré, Alexandre Roquoplo, Thierry Deo and Felix Blossier
Valuation: $19-29 million

Pennylane is the leader in financial management in France. Centralizing all the data that was fragmented in the past, this platform improves financial visibility and enables business managers to get a real-time view of their financial data and make the right decisions.

  1. Leavy

Founded: In 2018 by Aziza Chaouachi, Yassine Ben Romdhane and Mario Moinet 
Valuation: $61-92 million

Leavy.co is the first travel community and marketplace, making travel affordable. Its community platform allows members to begin their getaway with 100% guaranteed cash, by sharing their space with visiting members, or by taking care of the homes listed and showing their city to guests. 

  1. ManoMano

Founded: In 2013 by Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raisson
Valuation: $606-910 million

ManoMano is an online marketplace for DIY, home improvement, and gardening products. It is a community of home and DIY lovers that enables them to exchange tips and advice on their projects.

  1. Lydia

Founded: In 2013 by Antoine Porte and Cyril Chiche
Valuation: $379-569 million

Lydia is a fast-growing mobile financial services platform with over 4 million users. The app allows people to pay each other quickly and easily.

  1.  BackMarket

Founded: In 2014 by Thibaud Hug de Larauze, Quentin Le Brouster, Vianney Vaute
Valuation: $534-800 million

Back Market is the first online marketplace dedicated exclusively to refurbished electronic devices.