Cologne-based Vytal closes a €2M financing round for its Packaging-as-a-Service solution

German startup Vytal has raised €2 million from Nixdorf Kapital Impact Fund, Burning Issues Impact Fund and business investors including Kai Hansen, co-founder of Liferando, Deutsche Startups writes.  

Sven Witthöft, Dr Fabian Barthel and Dr Tim Breker, co-founders of Vytal

Co-founded in 2019 by Dr Tim Breker, Sven Witthöft and Dr Fabian Barthel, Vytal develops a digital reusable system of 100% leak-proof food packaging for take-away and delivery food use without any deposits for restaurants, supermarkets and their clients. It is aimed to deal with to-go packaging garbage, which causes one of the most essential problems of nowadays – plastic pollution.

The startup provides its packaging service based on the model of sharing, so the business customers need to pay the filling fees. People, who get their food in Vytal’s bowls, need to register once in the app and then scan the QR code labels each time they want to return freshly washed dishes. As the startup said, a return rate already exceeds 98%.