NABU suspects ex-top executives of PrivatBank of misappropriation of 137M UAH. Founders of Fintech Band (monobank, koto) are among them

On February 23, 2021, NABU detectives announced the suspicion of misappropriation of 136.89 million UAH to the team of PrivatBank ex-managers. This is reported by the official website of NABU, as well as the General Prosecutor’s Office.

The report of the Bureau and the Prosecutor General’s Office says that the ex-Head of the bank’s Board, the Former First Deputy Chairman of the Board, and the Former Head of the Financial Monitoring Department are among the suspects.

“The investigation concluded that in December 2016, the day before PrivatBank was declared insolvent, the suspects, using false documents, transferred more than UAH 136.89 million in favor of an insurance company related to PrivatBank’s ultimate beneficiaries,” stays in the Bureau’s statement.

Neither the Prosecutor General’s Office nor NABU names the former heads of the bank. Given the fact that they both are referring to persons, who held these positions the day before the nationalization of the bank, it could be Alexander Dubilet, Elena Bychikhina, and Vladimir Yatsenko.

Some media have already published the names of the suspects. Several sources have also confirmed the above-mentioned names to AIN.UA.

There is also a photo and video of the moment of reporting the suspicion to one of the ex-Heads of the bank on the NABU Telegram channel. Presumably, it is Vladimir Yatsenko. At the request of AIN.UA, NABU refused to clarify the names of the persons who were declared suspect but confirmed that they held those positions before the nationalization of the bank.

“In accordance with Part 4 of Art. 296 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the name of an individual who is detained, suspected or charged with a criminal offense, or the person who has committed an administrative offense, can be used (made public) only in the case when the conviction of the court enters into force or a decision in the case of an administrative offense is issued,” the Bureau replied.

Yatsenko and Dubilet are also co-founders of Fintech Band, the developer of the popular mobile bank monobank and Koto (was launched in the UK). Until February 23, they were also the beneficial owners of the company and had 33.74% and 17.18% of shares accordingly. 

AIN.UA sent a request to the Fintech Band for information about how the situation could affect the company’s work but did not receive any comments at the time of the article’s release.