Ukrainian startup Watched nabs $450k investment from QPDigital

Ukrainian platform Watched, which assesses the effectiveness of video content by using AI, has raised $450,000 from venture capital fund QPDigital.

As reported by QPDigital, the investment will be spent on scaling the sales, providing marketing activities and expanding the team.

“We had an interest in Watched because of its high processability, huge potential to scale, and its development directions – Internet of Behaviors and AI-engineering, which were recognized by Gartner as the most trendy technological directions in 2021,” Yuriy Sereschenko, managing partner of QPDigital, commented on the deal.

About Watched

Watched uses machine learning to assess the effectiveness of a video analyzing the viewer’s reaction. The platform helps companies to estimate the level of engagement and attention of the target audience. It is already used by online cinemas, TV channels, marketing agencies and in video production.

The Watched company was founded by Alexey Shaldenko (CEO) and Artem Melnichenko (CTO). Work on the project started back in 2019. To date, its team is composed of seven specialists and four advisors, and Watched is planning to exceed it to 14. Previously, Watched has received about $100,000 from angel investors to develop the technology.