Fujifilm publishes a promo video for a new camera shot in Ukraine

Fujifilm has published a promo video for the new camera X-E4 shot in Lviv, Ukraine. The video is about Taras Bychko, a Ukrainian photographer.

As noted by Twitter user @kalinizaurus, the entire video was shot in the Ukrainian language.

Taras Bychko lives in Lviv and works as a documentary and street photographer. The video for the new Fujifilm X-E4 camera was shot in Lviv, and Taras was the main character in it.

In this video, Bychko talks about how he got started in photography, how he decided to take pictures in the streets and became interested in the genre of documentary and street photography.

“My story is probably the same like many other photographers’ ones. I bought a camera when my first baby was born just to catch the moments of growing-up. I had never taken photography as art before that. It took me quite a time to evaluate from just hobby photography into becoming a street and documentary photographer,” says Bychko.

Photo: Taras Bychko X-E4 и XF18mmF2 R

Fujifilm has published a text version of the interview with Taras Bychko in English on its website.