Prince Harry joins a $1.7B startup, BetterUp, as Chief Impact Officer

Prince Harry has taken a job at BetterUp, a California-based startup that specializes in coaching and mentoring. He took the position of Chief Impact Officer and will work on product strategy, advice on charitable contributions, and advocate about mental health, as announced Alexi Robichaux, CEO of BetterUp.

Image: BetterUp

About the startup

BetterUp is a mobile-based platform for professional coaching, consulting, and mentoring. The startup was founded in 2013 and is now present in 66 countries. The platform is available in 49 languages, and about 2,000 practicing mentors are registered on BetterUp. The core team of the company has about 25 employees.

Since its founding, the startup has raised a total of about $270 million in investments.

Through BetterUp virtual sessions, users practice their behavior, develop and reinforce new skills. The service is used by both ordinary people and large Fortune 500 companies to inspire employees to grow personally and professionally. BetterUp customers include Genentech, Logitech, and Workday.

Why the company hired Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex will become BetterUp’s Chief Impact Officer. Previously, there was no such position at the company.

“We are energized by his model of inspiration and impact through action. As a true citizen of the world, he has dedicated his life’s work to bringing attention to the diverse needs of people everywhere and advocating for mental health initiatives,” explained Alexi Robichaux.

As he told WSJ in an interview, Harry will have no direct reports. He will work at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. The exact duties and salary of Prince Harry were not disclosed. According to Robichaux, Harry is expected to attend all startup meetings and speak at special BetterUp events.

“When I first met Alexi, we instantly recognised a shared passion for helping others realise their full potential. As our conversations continued, it became even more clear that we hold a similar philosophy on mental health: that we must proactively take care of our minds,” Harry commented on his appointment. 

Why Prince Harry needs a job

In January 2020, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle announced that they stepped back from their royal duties and gave up state funding. They then moved to Canada and later to the United States. In 2020, the couple signed a 5-year contract with streaming service Netflix, worth about $100 million, partnered with Spotify, and a lecture and public speaking agency (which also works with Barack and Michelle Obama, among others).