Cyber Police uncover Ukrainian hacker who developed world’s largest phishing service to attack financial institutions

A resident of the Ternopil region is suspected of developing one of the world’s largest phishing services to attack financial institutions and email services. As a result, banks in 11 countries were affected. The losses have reached tens of millions of dollars, as reported by the Cyber Police.

What happened

  • It is reported that the suspect has developed a phishing package and a special administration panel for it. They targeted the web resources of over a hundred banking institutions and their clients in Europe and Australia.
  • In particular, the admin panel made it possible to control the accounts of users registered on the compromised resources. The banking information that was entered by customers was then used by hacker groups for their purposes.
Picture: Cyber Police
  • The hacker showed and sold his developments through his online store on the darknet.
  • In addition to the phishing tools to attack financial institutions, the detainee was developing resources designed to hack mailing services used by over 1.5b people, the Cyber Police mention.
  • The suspect has been served with charge papers under Part 2 of Art. 361-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, “Creation for the purpose of use, dissemination and distribution of harmful software or hardware, as well as their dissemination and distribution.” He faces up to five years of imprisonment. The investigation continues.