Ireland plans to turn rural pubs into coworking hubs

The Irish government is considering turning empty buildings in small towns into coworking hubs. The country also plans to explore whether pubs could be used as working hubs during periods when there aren’t many customers. These are steps aimed at attracting people to work outside big cities, Reuters reports.

  • The government plans to create a network of 400 remote working hubs as part of a five-year rural development policy.
  • Local authorities will receive funding to add vacant properties to the network, and employees and employers interested in relocating may be given grants and tax incentives.
  • Part of the plan is a pilot project to use rural pubs for remote work. According to Heather Humphreys, Rural and Community Development Minister, the pubs that are closed during the week or the day can be used as coworking spaces.

“Let’s put it this way. If you want to move rural Ireland, we want to help you,” the minister told.