Apple and Facebook register trademarks “Эппл,” “Яблоко,” and “Oculus” in Ukraine

Facebook users have noticed that Apple and Facebook have registered some trademarks in Ukraine. Apple has registered the TMs “Эппл” (Cyrillic for “Apple”), and “Яблоко” (“Yabloko,” Russian for “Apple”), and Facebook has registered “Oculus.”

According to ITC.UA, Apple applied for the registration of the trademarks back in 2017.

As previously reported by AIN.UA, lately, Apple has been regularly looking for employees to staff its Kyiv office that is registered in the Pecherskyi District of Kyiv, at the IQ Business Center. Now the company is looking for a Tax Analyst and a Country Field Staff Manager.

The company registered a Ukrainian legal entity back in April 2020, but no specific plans on entering the market have been announced.

As for Facebook, it has registered the trademark of the standalone virtual reality headset Oculus, which is not yet officially sold in Ukraine.