Salaries of C-levels in Ukrainian IT industry: from $1,450 to $17,600 per month

The Indigo Tech Recruiters recruitment agency has published a review of salaries for C-level managers in the Ukrainian IT industry.

Profile of a top manager

The research involved 294 C-level executives, including 188 male and 106 female CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, HRDs, CTOs, and COOs. The income gap between male and female executives was 40%. The median salary of men is $6,550, while the median salary of women is $3,900. The same trend was observed last year.

The majority of respondents are between 30 and 39 years old. According to the survey, the older a top manager is, the higher their compensation is. Executive managers aged 40 to 44 have the highest median salary of $7,000. It is noteworthy that respondents over 45 years old have lower median compensation than their younger colleagues, but the average figure among respondents is $8,108.


Most survey participants work in the FinTech and Banking industries – with a median salary of $6,000, E-commerce – $5,500, and Digital – $5,750. These industries have maintained the highest pay levels for three years in a row.

There are also the following two trends on the market: the older the company and the larger the number of employees, the higher the compensation of top managers. For example, companies that have been operating for more than 20 years have a median salary of top managers of $6,250.

The research data show that small companies (up to 20 employees) have the same high level of compensation as big companies (up to 200 employees) with a median salary of $5,000. Analysts identify two reasons – in young companies the decision on the amount of remuneration is usually made situationally by a founder or CEO. Often they entice experienced top managers by the level of remuneration.