How to build an MVP for less than $50: List of resources

The Twitter user Xavier Coiffard shared a list of resources that can help you quickly build an MVP without almost any investments. The main set of features provided there is free and enough for work. Coiffard has developed his four products by spending less than $50.

Landing page

  • Carrd is an online platform for quick and easy website creation. The Pro plan will cost a user only $19 per year.


  • Airtable is a program for organizing a database in the form of a spreadsheet. The service also offers features for joint projects. According to Coiffard, the free plan is enough to test the product.

Monetization and payment services

  • Gumroad and Flurly App are online platforms for selling digital products. Gumroad has a paid plan – a user will get access to additional features and a reduced commission for $10 a month.
  • Stripe, a service that allows companies to receive online payments in several currencies.
Coiffard’s solution called UserBooster on Gumroad


  • Crisp is an all-in-one multichannel messaging platform that connects companies and customers.


  • Canva and Figma are online services that are suitable for both design novices, professional designers and web developers.

Application Hosting

  • Netlify is a hosting service that provides a non-stop back-end for static sites.
  • Heroku is a PaaS platform, where your application can be placed entirely in the cloud for $6 per month.


  • Such online tools like Zapier, Integromat, will help a user with process automation. These platforms also allow you to share data between different web applications.



  • Mailchimp is a marketing mailing service, and Mailjet is a transactional mailing service.

Naming and domain name

NameMeshNamelixNamechk are tools for generating company names and domain names.

Working with documents

  • To organize work with documents, you can use Notion. If you need to make a quick website with information created with this tool, you can use Potion.
  • Coda is a service that optimizes and systematizes joint work with documents of different formats.

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