How much money CD Projekt invested in Cyberpunk2077 (and what are its sales)

On April 22, 2021, the Polish video game developer CD Projekt (which previously released The Witcher game series and Cyberpunk2077) shared its financial results for 2020. It turned out that despite the controversial launch and criticism of the latter, the studio sold millions of copies of the game and made a profit last year. Moreover, the company revealed how much money and other resources were spent developing Cyberpunk2077.

Financial results

In 2020, CD Projekt reported about €478 million of revenue (four times more than in the previous year). It was mainly due to the release and sales of Cyberpunk2077 in December: by the end of last year, CD Projekt traded 3.7 million copies of the game. The company’s net profit for the year was about €257 million and grew by 558% over the year.

Aggregated data for the group of companies (which includes the Cyberpunk2077 development studio, the GOG store, and other companies) are as follows:

Here and below CD Projekt data

How much money was invested in Cyberpunk2077

In the financial statements, the company also disclosed some details about its latest game:

  • Approximately 5,200 people worked on the game, including 530 developers from CD Projekt and 2,000 voice actors. Cyberpunk2077 was released in 18 languages.
  • The company launched 55 marketing campaigns in different markets to promote the game.
  • From its release date, December 10, and till the end of the year, about 13.7 million copies were sold. Despite the refunds and criticism of the game, the studio earned hundreds of millions of euros in 2020.
  • The overall development budget for the game was 1.2 billion PLN (around $317 million or €263 million).
  • Most of the 13.7 copies sold were digital copies (73% versus 27% physical ones).

The distribution of copies sold on game platforms:

The distribution of copies sold by region of the world: