Globality raises $138M and opens R&D in Ukraine. Developers wanted

Globality, an American IT product company developing an AI search system, has opened an R&D center in Ukraine. It doesn’t yet have a lot of stuff, but the company is planning to recruit actively. That’s what Globality’s Ukrainian office representatives told AIN.UA.

All photos are provided by Globality

About Globality

Globality is a tech company headquartered in Silicon Valley. The team is developing a smart search platform powered by artificial intelligence and helping reduce search time and cost.

“Globality’s digital AI solution replaces archaic analog request to offer by effectively identifying needs, driving demand, and matching vendor companies that meet their specific service needs. That not only reduces the duration of the search process from months to several hours but also saves you up to more than 20% of expenses.
Moreover, it allows you to reformat the business, revise the model and create an exclusive network of your customers and suppliers,” said Globality developers to AIN.UA.

Globality’s clients include companies from the Fortune 500 list. The company was ranked among the top 50 small employers in the US by Comparably. In January 2021, Globality raised $138.3 million funding from Sienna Capital and SoftBank Vision Fund. In total, the startup has over $310 million in investments.

The company has three offices: Silicon Valley, London, and Kyiv. In total, it employs 250 people.

Ukrainian office

The Kyiv office has been working for a while now. Globality hasn’t disclosed the exact number of its employees, but the startup had previously worked with Ukrainian specialists. So, the location was not chosen randomly.

“Ukraine is known for its programmers, and this is important when international companies like ours choose a location. Moreover, the senior management of Globality already had a positive experience of working with Ukrainian programmers, so opening an office in Kyiv is not accidental. Although our team here is small and we have only just started to grow, and I am sure we will increase our presence here in the nearest future. The Kyiv office will be in no way inferior to other locations of the company,” explained Vitalii Iaskal, Globality Local Manager, to AIN.UA.

According to him, it is a launch time for the Ukrainian office team. Several openings are available now, including QA Engineer, FullStack Engineer, and Backend Engineer, but the number will soon increase. The company intends to actively develop its office in Ukraine and hire dozens of specialists.

What does the Ukrainian office of Globality do?

Globality does not allocate different functions to separate locations.

“We strive to have the greatest expertise in all aspects of our product in each geographic region. So it is difficult to single out a specific direction of the Ukrainian office. For example, now we are working with our American colleagues on the problems of external integration (Enterprise Integrations), as well as on the high-load parts of our platform,” Vitalii explained.