Luxoft’s ex-vice president starts his own IT company focused on premium clients

The former vice president of the IT company Luxoft, Vitalii Nuzhnyi, has announced the launch of his own company, TRIOS, which will specialize in consulting and software development for foreign customers. The company will operate an outstaffing model but, according to the commentary received by AIN.UA, TRIOS will be different from other Ukrainian companies – it will focus on premium customers. In the next two years, the company plans to hire up to 100 employees.

Vitalii Nuzhnyi. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

What is TRIOS?

Nuzhnyi positions TRIOS as a consulting boutique that focuses on software development. The company will offer services to both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as to enterprise clients. TRIOS will differ from its competitors by a more thorough selection of projects in specific industries (automotive, fintech, healthcare, edtech).

“In the beginning, we consider only those clients where we can expect interaction on the team level, a mature attitude towards the partner, i. e. willingness to share powers and the responsibility for the delivery,” Nuzhnyi explains.

Vitalii will be personally involved in each project – from the formation of the team and the design of the development process up to the product release.

“From the client’s side, we will target Managed service / managed platform development, where we take responsibility for building and maintaining the agile/SCRUM/LeSS/SAFe development processes, for the precision in the executed amount of development and focusing on quality through the SLA system.

From the execution side, we will both bring developers to the company and work with technical partners in Ukraine to collaborate in cases where we need to quickly provide the customer with expertise in sectors related to ours,” Nuzhnyi explains.

About Vitalii Nuzhnyi

Vitalii has been working in the IT industry for 20 years, 12 of which he spent in the international IT company Luxoft. In five years, he built an international Enterprise Application Development business from scratch up to 1,000 full-time engineers. Vitalii has worked with leading global corporations from Fortune 500 in the financial and automotive industries and has created three teams, with each of them now successfully managing a portfolio worth over $100M. He is a graduate of Stanford University Graduate School of Business and London Business School.