Ukrainian Grammarly and GitLab make Inc.’s 2021 Best Workplaces list

The American magazine Inc. has presented a list of the best companies to work for in the US for 2021. The list includes Ukrainian companies Grammarly and GitLab.

  • A total of 429 companies registered in the United States made Inc.’s 2021 Best Workplaces list. In particular, the magazine highlighted employers who were able to organize workplaces for the effective work of employees during the coronavirus pandemic and forced remote work. The list features companies in 24 fields, including IT, advertising, logistics, and others.
  • The list includes Grammarly, a company developing an AI-powered English writing assistant. In 2009, it was created by Alex Shevchenko and Maxim Litvinov from Kyiv. In 2017, Grammarly raised $110 million during its first funding round. Then, in 2019, it secured another $90 million in the second round and became a unicorn. Grammarly’s total valuation exceeds $1 billion. Today, the company employs over 400 people in Kyiv, San Francisco, New York, and Vancouver.

“Our employees are ethical, adaptable, gritty, empathetic, and remarkable. These core values connect a global team, enable effective collaboration and push us to grow personally and professionally. Team members are encouraged to take ownership of their roles by seeking opportunities for education, expanding their impact through knowledge sharing and peer coaching and taking accountability for work they proactively deem beneficial to the organization. As a community, we stay connected with global offsites, monthly team and office events, birthday and anniversary celebrations, and holiday parties,” Grammarly commented to Inc.

  • The list also features GitLab, a DevOps platform that enables product development, QA, security, and operations teams to work concurrently on the same project. Dmytro Zaporozhets from Kharkiv has been working on GitLab since 2011. In 2013, a second founder, Dutch entrepreneur Sid Sijbrandij, joined the startup. Even though the company has no offices, the number of employees exceeds 1,300 worldwide. As of 2021, the total amount raised is over $420 million. In 2019, GitLab was valued at $2.7 billion.
GitLab team
Image: Inc.

“As the world’s largest all-remote company, GitLab has blazed a trail for other businesses adapting to remote work during the pandemic and has advised more than 50 organizations on how to maintain a sense of culture, connection, and collaboration. We expect every employee to be a leader, no matter their job title or seniority. Our people managers help guide employees with career development, but each individual has the autonomy to determine their daily schedule, where to work, and their time off. We care about the results of our employees’ work, not when or where they’re doing it,” GitLab representatives told Inc.

  • Besides, Inc. listed the Belarus-based company PandaDoc, which announced the opening of an office in Ukraine in September 2020. Now the company is looking for employees to join the Kyiv team.

To recap, previously, the list of the best employers was compiled by the American Forbes. It featured the Ukrainian companies GitLab and Allset. Click here for more information.