US startup to give its employees $10,000 each for their home office

The US startup Flatfile is going to give all its employees $10,000, so they can equip themselves with a full-fledged remote office, as reported by The Inc.

  • The company employs 32 people, all from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Argentina. They all work remotely.
  • The employees already enjoy remote work perks. For example, those who rent apartments receive payouts equivalent to the cost of renting 14 square meters of real estate in their area. To get that money, they have to repurpose one room and use it as a home office.
  • Now the company is going to give up to $10,000 for home offices for employees. The company pairs its workers with designers, ensuring that as a result, they get a professional remote office, but not, say, a home theater.
  • The employees who have their own homes can spend up to $5,000 of that amount on renovations.

“Silicon Valley startups hand out gourmet lunches, free pet-grooming, and paid transportation like candy. We want working remotely to have truly exceptional benefits as well,” says CEO David Boskovic.