Ukrainian IKEA’s first year revenue exceeds ₴500M. It is 2.6 times more than Jysk’s figure

IKEA launched an online store in Ukraine in May 2020. A year later, the company reported the figures of its Ukrainian office, and the company’s revenues in Ukraine amounted to over 500 million hryvnias (approx. $18.4 million). This is 2.6 times more than the online sales of Jysk in 2020, Retailers reports.

  • Since the launch of the online store, the number of unique visitors was 2,528,431, and the number of orders was 148,395.
  • The average order value in the online store was ₴3,393 ($123). Based on the number of orders and the average order value, the magazine calculated the approximate revenue of the company for the year: about ₴503M (approx. $18.4M). For comparison, the sales in the online store Jysk in 2020 amounted to ₴188M (approx. $6.8M).
  • In the IKEA online store, Ukrainians most often ordered storage boxes for clothes, hangers Spruttig, and Istad resealable bags.
  • For three months of the offline store work, its earnings made about ₴7.2M ($261k), based on the number of orders (8,068) and an average order value (₴890 that is $32).
  • The most popular items in the offline store were Spruttig clothes hangers, Oftast plate, and tablet/smartphone stand Bergenes.