Ukrainian GitLab acquires UnReview to automate the selection of code reviewers

DevOps platform GitLab announced the acquisition of UnReview, a machine learning-based tool that helps software teams recommend the best reviewers for when developers want to check in their latest code. The financial details of the deal are not disclosed. 

As reported by TechCrunch, Gitlab aims to bring more machine learning capabilities to its platform, and  it will integrate UnReview’s capabilities into its own code review workflow. 

UnReview implementation will help to automate the selection of code reviewers

GitLab launched its original code review components last year. As Wayne Haber, GitLab’s director of Engineering, said, that was still a very manual process. 

“Our primary focus for the second half of this year in bringing on UnReview is to help automate the selection of code reviewers. It’s a very interesting problem to solve, even we at GitLab occasionally end up picking the wrong reviewers based off of what people know,” DeSanto noted.

Even with the new system, teams still retain full control over which reviewers will be assigned to a merge request, but the tool will automatically and transparently rank potential reviewers based on who the system believes is best suited to this task.

About GitLab and UnReview

UnReview is an advanced recommendation system that automatically identifies and then suggests suitable code reviewers. GitLab is a DevOps collaboration platform, namely a code repository management system for Git. The company’s main competitor on the market is GitHub. GitLab has raised a total of $426 million in investments from Khosla Ventures, Google Ventures, Y Combinator and Iconiq Capital. The company is now valued at $2.7 billion.