Ukrainian IT company EVO opens an R&D center in Belarus

The Ukrainian product IT company EVO has opened a development center in Belarus. The new R&D will work on e-commerce and fintech products used in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

“With the start of the pandemic, we started gradually bringing in professionals from Belarus into the team, and it turned out to be easy for us to adapt to each other, easy to work together,” said Taras Murashko, EVO Technical Director.

The company opened an office in Minsk back in 2015. It employs 60 people.

“In 2020, we realized that nothing was stopping us from attracting more talent from other countries. For the first year working the remote-first model, we learned how to quickly solve any issues remotely, and now nothing has changed. First of all, we thought about Belarus. Having realized that Belarusian developers are also interested in working on EVO projects, we decided to open a full-fledged development center there,” explained Taras.

  • There are dozens of positions available in the Belarus-based office, including Senior Python Back End Engineer, Middle JavaScript Engineer, Middle Front End (React) Engineer, Middle Python Software Engineer.
  • EVO already has projects in the Belarusian market – the marketplace and, an online platform for ordering services. Every year, the company organizes events for the online commerce market: E-commerce Day conference, E-commerce Award, regional seminars.
  • Among the EVO projects in other countries are,,,,,,, as well as a service for digital business solutions, Vchasno, and online platforms for government and commercial tenders and auctions – and Auktsioni.Prom.