Ukrainian memory enhancement service, memoryOS, raises $300k on Kickstarter, exceeding its initial goal 30-fold

The Ukrainian startup memoryOS, which is developing an app to improve memory, has raised over $300,000 on Kickstarter, reaching its initial goal 30 times over. The app will help the users to train their memory with the help of mini-games and 3D visualization.

About memoryOS

memoryOS is an application that trains the user’s memory in a gamified way. It offers a series of interactive, quizzes-based micro-lessons designed to help the user to remember information quickly without getting them tired of the learning process.

“We’ve merged together the latest virtual technology with immersive 3D gaming and created the most enjoyable and efficient tool for improving your memory and mental sharpness and keeping your brain alive,” reads the description on Kickstarter.

As the founders state, even after a short demo session, app users were able to improve their results by 60-70%.

Startup founders and team

The Ukrainian Alex Ruzh is CEO and co-founder of memoryOS. About ten people are working on the project in total. The development of the app involved cooperation with Jonas von Essen, a two-time world memory champion who is listed as a co-founder of the startup.