Green Go announces GreenBeefSteak, a vegan steak that looks like meat

The European-Ukrainian brand Green Go has introduced GreenBeefSteak. Unlike products made of vegetable meat, which have the form of patties or minced meat, GreenBeefSteak looks like a real piece of meat.

GreenBeefSteak made in Ukraine

GreenBeefSteak is very similar to beef, but no animal was harmed in its production. The producers managed to achieve a natural “marbling,” which makes the plant-based product similar to steaks of animal origin.

“The emergence of plant-based steak in the Ukraine is a logical continuation of the trends that are growing so rapidly. Consumers loved plant-based patties and sausages. So, everyone was waiting for something cooler. I am sure that plant-based steak will win the hearts of even avid meat lovers, and I am very glad that such a startup has appeared in our country. As of today, there are virtually no comparisons in the world. Everything that is presented is produced locally and has a very high price,” said Stanislav Lutskovych, CEO of WEST MILLS, a vegetable meat distributor in Ukraine.

As noted by Green Go, the ingredients are exclusively vegetable: drinking water, soy protein, corn starch, wheat protein, sunflower and coconut oils, salt, cellulose gum emulsifier, dietary fiber, yeast extract, dextrose, liquid caramel, beetroot juice, fermented rice, citric acid, and vegan grilled beef flavor.

Together with the launch of vegetable steak production, GreenGo has already established the production of Ukraine’s first alternative fish products GreenFish, familiar to consumers burger patties GreenBeef, and minced meat GreenFarsh.