Windows 10 antivirus uninstalls μTorrent and blocks subsequent installation

Did you notice that Windows 10 blocks uTorrent? Microsoft Defender, Windows 10’s built-in antivirus autonomously automatically uninstalls the μTorrent app and then blocks attempts to reinstall it. At the same time, the antivirus does not affect alternative torrent clients. 

The AIN.UA editorial team checked Microsoft Defender’s work and concluded that issues associated with μTorrent began a short time after the installation of the May Windows 10 update called 21H1.

This isn’t the first time when Windows 10 blocks uTorrent

Windows 10 blocks uTorrent-1

Microsoft Defender (and some other antiviruses) already listed μTorrent as malware in 2018. However, after a while, the security software stopped responding to the client and started allowing its installation.

Now, as in 2018, the antivirus autonomously uninstalls μTorrent, without any prompts to the user, and then not only blocks attempts to reinstall it but also instantly deletes the installation file.

Considering comments on the Microsoft forum and several tests by the AIN.UA editorial team, the problems with μTorrent begin after installing the May update of Windows 10 called 21H1. Windows 10 blocks uTorrent since the outcome of that update. On earlier versions of Windows, the antivirus does not react in any way to the presence of a torrent client.

How to use torrents bypassing Microsoft Defender

One way to solve the problem with μTorrent is to issue direct permits for the operation of a potentially dangerous (according to Microsoft Defender) applications. To do this, you will need to:

  1. Open the Start menu and go to Settings section;
  2. Open the Update and Security subsection and click on Windows Security;
  3. In the security section, click on Protection against viruses and threats settings, where you will need to allow the μTorrent application to work.

If you still do not want to use a potentially dangerous program, you can install an alternative torrent client. The most popular of them are qBittorrentDelugeBitTorrent, and Transmission. As of the time of this publication, they have all successfully passed the Microsoft Defender check.