Spark introduces Shared Inboxes for teams

The Spark mail client from the Ukrainian company Readdle has received an update. The service has launched Shared Inboxes for teams, a new feature that enables multiple team members to simultaneously access common email accounts, as reported in the Spark blog.

About Shared Inboxes

The new feature allows several team members to send and receive emails having a shared account. Also, users can:

  • assign emails to themselves or other team members
  • discuss emails in a private chat
  • compose emails together in real time
  • set deadlines for assigned emails

All new emails in a shared inbox are automatically available to anyone who has access to it. Spark notifies a specific person if an email is assigned to that person and when it is marked as done.

Who the feature is available to

The feature Shared Inboxes is available to Spark for Teams users with Gmail or Google Workplace accounts. The Shared Inboxes feature is part of the Premium offering in Spark for Teams. The subscription cost in 2021 is $7.99 per user/month or $6.40 per user/month if you buy the annual plan.

At the time of publication, this feature is available in Spark for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The Android version will appear in July 2021, the company says.

How to enable the shared inbox

  • Launch Spark and ensure that you update to the latest version
  • Open Spark’s Preferences and click on the ‘Accounts’ tab
  • Under ‘Private Accounts,’ locate the account you want to share
  • Click on ‘Share Account with Team’ at the bottom right
  • Select your team and confirm that you indeed want to share the account with that team on the next screen
  • Now under the ‘Members’ tab on the right, you can Add/Remove team members who have access to this Shared Inbox.