Onlizer, Ukrainian cloud platform for business automation, raises $500k

Onlizer, a cloud platform for business automation created by Ukrainians, has raised $500,000 from venture capital firm QPDigital during its pre-seed funding round. As representatives of the VC firm told AIN.UA, the funds will be used to complete the product development and marketing.

What Onlizer offers

Image: Onlizer

Onlizer provides synchronization of services necessary for clients (such as Google Analytics, 2Checkout, 1C Azure: Blob storage, etc.) on one platform, simplifying the formation of a client base, automatic feedback, alerts, and other aspects of work.

Furthermore, there is no need to write code to integrate the services – the platform automates this process, and the client simply has to choose the technologies they need.

“This approach is designed not only to simplify control over the execution of business processes but also to significantly reduce the expenditure in any company’s budget. This service will reduce the cost by up to 60%, without creating a unique code and hiring more developers. We are very glad that working with QPDigital will allow us to enhance the functionality of the service and improve the quality of the product,” Andriy Deren, CEO and founder of Onlizer, said.

Ready-made integration templates make it faster and easier to connect the necessary systems and automate processes in a few clicks. If the client needs their unique solution – they can create it using Onlizer Workflow Studio’s visual builder.

“Control over the implementation of business processes has always been extremely important, especially when it comes to internal tasks – their execution should be automated, and at the same time comply not only with standard but also niche demands of a particular business. We believe that the future of regulation of any business processes lies in services that can reconcile automation and personalization,” commented Denis Valvachev, CEO and managing partner of QPDigital.

About QPDigital and Onlizer

As VC.RU reports, Ukrainian entrepreneurs Andriy Deren and Bogdan Bondaruk founded Onlizer in 2016. In 2017, they started a closed beta test of the product and attracted their first client. In 2020, the service was launched publicly.

According to the company, 170 clients across 30 countries use the service. The key markets for Onlizer are the US, Australia, South Africa, Russia, and Ukraine. The company focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. However, the company also has branches of Microsoft, McAfee, Dragon Capital, and others among its clients.

QPDigital is a venture capital firm that focuses on growth and startup investments in industries such as blockchain, digital healthcare, and IT logistics. QPDigital’s portfolio already includes nine deals with a total investment of $4.5 million.