Grammarly kicks off contest for white hackers with $100,000 prize

Grammarly, a Ukrainian unicorn tech company, has announced a CTF (Capture The Flag) contest for ethical hackers. It will be held on the HackerOne platform. The hacker who will be the first to report about the critical vulnerability under the terms of the program will receive a prize of $100,000, as reported to AIN.UA by the company.

More detailed information about the contest is described in the account of the company on HackerOne. Among them are:

  • The reward for the first critical vulnerability report is $100,000. But there are also prizes of $25,000, $12,500, $2,500 (depending on the level of vulnerability).
  • Participants are required to:
    • Be ethical hackers;
    • respect privacy and interact only with Grammarly test accounts that are provided for the contest;
    • Avoid testing that would result in privacy violations, destruction of data, or interruption or degradation of our service;
    • Contact the company immediately if you inadvertently gain access to user data; such data must not be viewed, changed, stored, or transferred.

The company says it is the biggest prize in the history of its Bug Bounty program. Since its launch in 2018, the company has paid about $142,000 to cybersecurity professionals for the vulnerabilities found.