Ukrainian e-gov service Diia to be translated into English as part of a €25M project

The Ministry of Digital Transformation has announced a tender for the development of an English-language version of a portal for public services, Diia. It will be held by the Estonian E-Governance Academy. Applications can be submitted until August 13, 2021, as reported on the official Facebook page of the Ministry.

What happened

  • The Ministry of Digital Transformation has announced plans to develop an English version of Dia. These plans include an upgrade of the e-service management platform and user’s account.
  • As the Ministry stated, the tender is a project of EU4DigitalUA, which the European Union launched to support the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine in October 2020. The project budget is 25 million euros.
  • The Estonian nonprofit organization E-Governance Academy will conduct the tender. It participated in the implementation of such e-government systems in Ukraine as Trembita (Трембіта) and Vulyk (Вулик).
  • According to the Ministry, the tender is aimed at creating an English-language version of the website and make the electronic services available to foreign citizens and Ukrainians living abroad.
  • Applications can be submitted on the Estonian Public Procurement Portal until August 13, 2021.
  • The winner of the tender will be awarded a contract for 22 months, the Ministry said.