NaVi moves the Dota 2 roster to the inactive list after unsatisfying performance

After the poor performance in The International 10 qualifiers, the esports club NaVi transferred its Dota 2 roster to the inactive list.

  • According to the club’s COO Aleksey Kucherov, roster members will remain in the organization but will not play for the club.
  • Regional qualifiers for The International 10 for the CIS was held from June 23 to 26. The best team in the qualifiers gets the right to represent the region in the Dota 2 championship.
  • Team Empire defeated Natus Vincere in the regional qualifiers match with a score of 2-1. Accordingly, the team did not get to The International, although according to Alexei Kucherov, that was exactly the goal that NaVi set for themselves.
  • After the failed qualifiers, NaVi decided to move the Dota 2 roster to inactive list but to keep the players in the organization.