Ukraine imposes sanctions against the Russian online store Wildberries and its founders

On July 23, the website of the President of Ukraine published documents on the imposition of new sanctions against several citizens of the Russian Federation – Tatyana and Vladislav Bakalchuk.

  • Tatyana Bakalchuk and her husband Vladislav Bakalchuk are the founders of the Russian online store Wildberries. Sanctions are imposed against them, their assets, and four other managers of the company.
  • The sanctions also include blocking the online store Wildberries.
  • The period of validity is three years.
  • The sanctions take effect from the date of publication of the documents – July 23. At the time of writing the story, the website was still running.
  • Wildberries was launched in Ukraine in September 2020. A few days later, it was reported that the government was considering the potential blocking of the online store.
  • Wildberries is one of the largest online stores in Russia. Tatyana Bakalchuk is the richest woman in Russia. You can read the big Wildberries story here, including information about potential ties between the company’s management and Russian officials.