Ukrainian NIXOID Lab raises over $364k for tube wristwatches

On July 21, 2021, the Ukrainian startup NIXOID Lab completed a campaign on Kickstarter, during which it raised money for its product — a tube wristwatch. In total, 922 backers supported the project. They pledged $364,207 to the team, while the initial goal of the campaign was $10,000.

This is a new collection of such watches. For the previous version of the NIXOID Classic, the team also raised funds on Kickstarter in 2018. In this line, the team promises new technological improvements (in particular, improved accelerometer performance) and different-colored cases, which buyers can have engraved in many styles, including Fallout, Metro, and the SpaceX logo, etc.

Here and below photos of NIXOID Lab

A special feature of this watch is the use of IN-16 and IV-9 tubes created back in the USSR to display the time. The startup team explains this step by its design decision and the desire to use old technology.

Recall that previously, this startup has raised over $48,000 for the production of tube wristwatches on the Japanese crowdfunding platform CampFire.

The Ukrainian startup managed to get there after a successful campaign on Kickstarter in 2018. After that, more than half of the orders came from Japan. So, CampFire representatives contacted the team and suggested additional fundraising. Based on the comments under the first version, the startup had no problems with the delivery of its devices.