Awesomic, a Ukrainian design search platform, is selected for Y Combinator and receives $125k

The Ukrainian startup Awesomic has been selected for the summer accelerator program at Y Combinator and received an investment of $125,000, as the startup told AIN.UA.

  • Roman Sevastyanov and Anastasia Pavlyshyna, founders of Awesomic, believe that training at Y Combinator will help their project grow faster. Since joining Y Combinator in April 2021, the company’s revenue has increased by 293%, and the number of people has grown by 333% (from 15 to 50 people), the startup says.
  • Awesomic develops a platform for companies to match their design tasks with the best-fit designer. The companies pay a monthly subscription and receive task updates every business day. Awesomic shortly plans to expand its design community and product team to 100 employees; there are about 20 openings right now.
  • Among the companies currently working with Awesomic are Reface, Reply, and Lift99. About 85 startups that have already used the Ukrainian team’s app are from Y Combinator.

According to the co-founder of the startup, Roman Sevastyanov, Awesomic has a long history with Y Combinator.

“Back in 2017, Anastasia and I joined the first program of an online startup school from Y Combinator (Startup School). When we founded Awesomic in 2019, our first client was also a startup from YC. We are not only inspired by the stories of their alumni, but we have long practiced the knowledge of this community in our daily work,” he said.

To recall, Awesomic raised its previous round in the summer of 2020. The company did not disclose the size of that deal, but, according to Sevastyanov, it was six figures, comparable to average pre-seed rounds in the United States.