Ukrainian VR startup receives $310k grant from Polish incubator

The Ukrainian project VRpartments, which develops a VR solution for real estate, has received a $310,000 grant from the Poland-based incubator Unicorn Hub, as reported told AIN.UA by the startup co-founder, Liza Khlopkova.

About the funding

The team received the grant as part of the program for the development of new technologies and startups in the eastern region of Poland – Rozwój startupów w Polsce Wschodniej. The startup’s team underwent training at the incubator Unicorn Hub, which is part of the program Platformy startowe dla nowych pomysłów. After that, it received equity-free funding of 1,195,350 zloty (about $310,000).

This money will go toward developing its technology, as well as marketing and sales in Poland and the United States.

What does the statup do?

VRpartments is currently working on a “virtual realtor.” With this application, the user can select an apartment, look it over, and walk around in virtual reality. It is also possible to furnish an apartment using VR. To do this, the user needs the startup’s app and cardboard VR glasses.

Here and below photos by VRpartments

Liza came up with the idea of such a service when she and her parents were buying an apartment, and she realized that this process was quite complicated and unpleasant, and it could be simplified with the help of technology. The team also includes CEO Dmitri Khlopkov, who founded his first startup when he was 18; CTO Taras Gopko, who has experience in launching IT products in the Polish market; Lead Architekt & 3D designer Igor Yavorskiy.

Startup team (from left to right): Taras Gopko, Igor Yavorskiy, Liza Khlopkova, Dmitri Khlopkov

According to Khlopkova, the team is currently in the last stages of preparation for the release. Now the startup is looking for beta-testers of its product among the users.